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Review by François Hissel

General remarks

The article is very well written, highly informative and relevant to the Coastal Wiki. It is the only article dealing with the topic of pollution by chemical ammunition at this moment.

The authors introduce the topic by a historical description of the cause of this pollution. They give detailed quantitative information about the amount of pollutants and their known and supposed locations in the Baltic Sea, which are represented on maps of the area. The consequences on the ecosystem are well described. They conclude with a description of mitigation options that can be implemented. Some sentences in the conclusion reflect a personal point of view of the authors but they are clearly stated in this way. Furthermore, they give a number of references and all the factual information is supported by references.

The content is up to date and correct from a techical point of view. The outline is consistent and comprehensive. The article has an adequate size and is well linked to other articles of the coastal Wiki.


In the last section (remediation measures), one could indent the subsections (scenarios) so that they appear clearly as different options.