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General remark

The contribution is clear and well written, however minor adjustments can further improve the readability.

Comments and suggested improvements

There are few minor remarks related to the use of terms:

• Fine is used as cohesive.

• Near-shore is used and then ‘surf zone’ is also used with the same meaning but it is not explained and it may be confusing since the explanation for near-shore zone reported in the wiki does not include anything related to breaking and surf zone.

Suggested improvements

• Among the most important parameters for littoral transport, please include also the local bottom slope (i.e. the slope in the breaking zone following Kamphuis) since bottom slope and sediment diameter may play a compensative role

• please include the hypothesis based on which the Dean profile is derived (what does it mean “equilibrium profile”?) and its limitations (x=0)

• the examples related to the effects of the hard structure on the littoral drift, i.e. the groyne and the breakwater, would be more clear and effective if combined together under a same headline such as “interference of hard structures with littoral drift”