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Definition of Beach berm:
A beach berm is a nearly horizontal shore parallel ridge formed on the beach due to the landward transport of the coarsest fraction of the beach material by the wave uprush (swash).
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Berms on a beach near Llithfaen (UK). Photo credit Eric Jones. Creative Commons Licence.


  • Beach berms are most pronounced on so-called reflective beaches (characteristics: steep slope, coarse sediment, subject to low-energy swell waves, intertidal zone almost absent).
  • There may be several beach berms and in some cases no berms.
  • Under normal conditions a beach berm is formed on the upper part of the beach face, and over the backshore during storm events.
  • Berms can also form on the higher intertidal zone of a tidal flat; these berms are generally called "swash bars".
  • Beach berms are sometimes artificially reinforced as coastal protection measure.

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