Participation in Koycegiz Dalyan SPA

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The objective of the participation process was the enhancement of participation and public contribution to the ICZM process and management of Köycegiz-Dalyan Special Protected Area.

Initial considerations

In order to achieve the objective of the participatory process, two specific meetings were organized with stakeholders (region, provinces and municipalities representatives, universities environmental protection associations, cultural association and professional associations) in order to foster public participation and collaboration in the management of the SPA.

Modifications and Realization

The meetings showed a typical pattern illustrating a problem commonly encountered in participatory methods for ICZM implementation (i.e. those having authority for making decision have very little or no interest in the process of participation, and vice versa. People who are very much affected by the management decisions are not aware of the advantages and benefits that participatory management could bring to them).

Experiences made and lessons learned

  • Effective and comprehensive participation in the process of coastal management is not an easily achievable target in a society were authority sharing and collective decision making are not embedded in the local culture.
  • Public awareness and participation are crucial in achieving successful management of Köycegiz-Dalyan SPA.

Source: PEGASO

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