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The Sketch Match method is a workshop method for the development of spatial management decisions developed by Netherlands Government Service for Land and Water Management (DLG) and was for the first time implemented by DDNI for the Sulina pilot case.

Initial considerations

Located at the mouth of one of the Danube, Sulina is one of the main cities in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Area. The Delta is well recognized nationally and internationally for its vast ecological value. The areas surrounding Sulina city are strictly protected areas for their great biodiversity. Specific development restrictions of the area are settled and included in the general urban plan for Sulina in order to balance its economic development with coastal biodiversity conservation.

Modifications and Realization

Development of the Sketch Match workshop in Sulina. Participants were asked to express their expectations related to the application of approach for Sulina pilot case.

Experiences made and lessons learned

The results presented above emphasize a future possibility of socio-economical development of Sulina town and coastal area in accordance with ICZM protocol. The Sketch match planning methodology proved to be a success for Sulina case study, assuring a good cooperation process with different stakeholders and experts, raising awareness among stakeholders related to a sustainable use of their coastal area and their particular landscape. The success of this approach was assured as well because of the interdisciplinary topics debated during the design workshops, combining and integrated thus, the land planning with social end economical aspects.

Source: PEGASO
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