Sediment transport

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Definition of Sediment transport:
The amount of sediment transported by water motion (currents and /or waves).
This is the common definition for Sediment transport, other definitions can be discussed in the article


Sediment transport is a crucial link in the interaction between coastal morphological evolution and waves, currents and tides. Sedimentation is related to convergence of sediment transport and erosion to divergence of sediment transport. Sediment transport takes place in several ways: Suspended-load transport, Bedload transport and Fluid mud motion. Suspended load transport is the transport of sedimentary particles that are suspended in the fluid. Bedload transport is the transport of sedimentary particles that are rolling or leaping along the seabed. Fluid mud transport is the motion of a fluid mud layer along the seabed. In most mathematical models, the computation of sediment transport is based on empirical relationships involving characteristics of sediment, currents and waves.

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