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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "256 -512 mm; may be unstable.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Traits:Sublittoral  + (1) The zone exposed to air only at its upp1) The zone exposed to air only at its upper limit by the lowest spring tides, although almost continuous wave action on extremely exposed coasts may extend the upper limit high into the intertidal region. The sublittoral extends from the upper limit of the large kelps and includes, for practical purposes in nearshore areas, all depths below the littoral. Various sub-zones are recognized (based on Hiscock, 1985). 2) The marine zone extending from the lowest limit of the intertidal to the outer edge of the continental slope (rephrased from Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).(rephrased from Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).)
  • Traits:AlphaMesohaline  + (10-<18 psu)
  • Traits:Pebbles  + (16-64 mm. May be rounded or flat. Substrata which are predominantly pebbles.)
  • Traits:BetaPolyhaline  + (18-<25 psu)
  • Traits:Polyhaline  + (18-<30 psu (included under MNCR Reduced, 18-30 psu))
  • Traits:BirdsDirectiveAnnex1  + (194 species and sub-species are particularly threatened. Member States must designate Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for their survival and all migratory bird species.)
  • Traits:AlphaPolyhaline  + (25-<30 psu)
  • Traits:Strong  + (3 to 6 knots (1.5-3 m/sec.))
  • Traits:AlphaOligohaline  + (3-<5 psu)
  • Traits:SandyGravel  + (30 -80% gravel with sand (see Long, 2006).)
  • Traits:BetaHaline  + (30-36 psu)
  • Traits:MarineSalinity  + (30-40 psu (equals MNCR Full))
  • Traits:AlphaHaline  + (36-40 psu)
  • Traits:BetaMesohaline  + (5-<10 psu)
  • Traits:Mesohaline  + (5-<18 psu (equals MNCR Low, <18 psu))
  • Traits:Cobbles  + (64-256 mm. May be rounded or flat. Substrata that are predominantly cobbles.)
  • Traits:BirdsDirectiveAnnex2  + (82 bird species can be hunted. However, the hunting periods are limited and hunting is forbidden when birds are at their most vulnerable: during their return migration to nesting areas, reproduction and the raising of their chicks.)
  • Traits:FreshwaterSalinity  + (<0.5 psu)
  • Traits:Weak  + (<1 knot (<0.5 m/sec))
  • Traits:HyperSaline  + (>40 psu)
  • Traits:LargeBoulders  + (>512 mm; likely to be stable (Hiscock, 1996).)
  • Traits:VeryStrong  + (>6 knots (>3 m/sec))
  • Traits:ExternalTube  + (A built-structure inhabited by an organismA built-structure inhabited by an organism and essential to its survival, but not part of its body, composed of hardened (either rigid or flexible) secretions, with or without the addition of embedded particles, with those particles either selectively collected from the environment or passively becoming glued during formation (pers. comm. Read, G.).d during formation (pers. comm. Read, G.).)
  • Traits:Planula  + (A ciliated, free swimming larva; lacks a mouth but in older stages may include a gastrovascular cavity (Stachowitsch, 1992))
  • Traits:Protandrous  + (A condition of hermaphroditism in plants and animals where male gametes mature and are shed before female gametes mature (Holmes, 1979).)
  • Traits:Protogynous  + (A condition of hermaphroditism in plants and animals where female gametes mature and are shed before male gametes mature (Holmes 1979).)
  • Traits:Mat  + (A dense mass which blankets the substratum.)
  • Traits:Forest  + (A dense stand of large plants in which the upper branches (trees) or laminae (macroalgae) overlap to form a canopy that shades the under story of flora and fauna.)
  • Traits:FeedingMethodBehaviour  + (A description of how the oganism gathers food, and from where)
  • Traits:LarvalSttlementSubstratum  + (A description of the preferred substratum for larval settlement)
  • Traits:ReproductiveSeason  + (A description of the season(s) or months of the year during which reproduction occurs)
  • Traits:VerticalBiologicalZone  + (A description of the vertical biological zone or zonation in which an organism resides. The zone is determined by depth, physical, chemical and biological factors.)