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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "Country or sea area which is the native range of the species.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Traits:Actinula  + (Crawling larval stage of some hydoids (amend))
  • Traits:Diel  + (Daily, pertaining to a 24 hour period.)
  • Traits:WaveExposed  + (Defined via traits - but included as some authors do not specify level of wave exposure.)
  • Traits:WaveSheltered  + (Defined via traits below - included as some authors do not specify)
  • Traits:FaunalBeds  + (Dense aggregation of animals that visually dominate the seabed or shore such as brittlestars (e.g. ''Ophiothrix fragilis'' ) or mussels (e.g. ''Mytilus edulis'').)
  • Traits:CoralSands  + (Deposition of sands formed by the breakdown to the skeletons of living organisms)
  • Traits:Dependancy  + (Description of an organism's relationship with other organisms)
  • Traits:DiapauseStage  + (Description of dormant stage)
  • Traits:SedimentReworking  + (Description of how an organism modifies or changes the physico-chemical nature of the habitat itself, e.g sediment reworking, deposition of faeces, or burrowing)
  • Traits:LarvalJuvenileDevelopment  + (Description of how the larvae or juveniles develop into adults)
  • Traits:FeedingApparatus  + (Description of the apparatus (mechanism) used to collect/capture food)
  • Traits:Lifestage  + (Description of the larval and juvenile stages in the life cycle of an organism)
  • Traits:Fertilization  + (Description of the location of fertilization, whereby in animals/macroalgae a gametes are fertilized or in plants pollination occurs.)
  • Traits:LarvalSettlement  + (Description of the period of time over which larval settlement occurs.)
  • Traits:FoodTypeDiet  + (Description of the source of the organisms nurishment, i.e. what it feeds on)
  • Traits:SubstratumHabitat  + (Description of the substratum on or in which an organism is found or recorded.)
  • Traits:EggClutchLocation  + (Description of where fertilized eggs are placed or held)
  • Traits:Province  + (Descriptors of the major 'regions' of the seas.)
  • Traits:GameteType  + (Descriptors of the relative size of gametes)
  • Traits:FeaturesOther  + (Descriptors of types of unusual or unique types of substratum or habitat)
  • Traits:GrowthForm  + (Deterministic growth or indeterminate growth resulting in single unitary individuals or modular (colonial) organisms.)
  • Traits:Lecithotrophic  + (Development at the expense of internal resources (i.e. yolk) provided by the female (Barnes ''et al.'', 1993).)
  • Traits:DirectDevelopment  + (Development without a larval stage)
  • Traits:OntogeneticMigration  + (Different life stages migrate into different habitats, or part of habitat (e.g. copepods) (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).)
  • Traits:Medusiform  + (Disk, bell or umbrella shaped and often gelatinous (Barnes et al., 1988).)