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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "Crawling larval stage of some hydoids (amend)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Traits:Diel  + (Daily, pertaining to a 24 hour period.)
  • Traits:WaveExposed  + (Defined via traits - but included as some authors do not specify level of wave exposure.)
  • Traits:WaveSheltered  + (Defined via traits below - included as some authors do not specify)
  • Traits:FaunalBeds  + (Dense aggregation of animals that visually dominate the seabed or shore such as brittlestars (e.g. ''Ophiothrix fragilis'' ) or mussels (e.g. ''Mytilus edulis'').)
  • Traits:CoralSands  + (Deposition of sands formed by the breakdown to the skeletons of living organisms)
  • Traits:Dependancy  + (Description of an organism's relationship with other organisms)
  • Traits:DiapauseStage  + (Description of dormant stage)
  • Traits:SedimentReworking  + (Description of how an organism modifies or changes the physico-chemical nature of the habitat itself, e.g sediment reworking, deposition of faeces, or burrowing)
  • Traits:LarvalJuvenileDevelopment  + (Description of how the larvae or juveniles develop into adults)
  • Traits:FeedingApparatus  + (Description of the apparatus (mechanism) used to collect/capture food)
  • Traits:Lifestage  + (Description of the larval and juvenile stages in the life cycle of an organism)
  • Traits:Fertilization  + (Description of the location of fertilization, whereby in animals/macroalgae a gametes are fertilized or in plants pollination occurs.)
  • Traits:LarvalSettlement  + (Description of the period of time over which larval settlement occurs.)
  • Traits:FoodTypeDiet  + (Description of the source of the organisms nurishment, i.e. what it feeds on)
  • Traits:SubstratumHabitat  + (Description of the substratum on or in which an organism is found or recorded.)
  • Traits:EggClutchLocation  + (Description of where fertilized eggs are placed or held)
  • Traits:Province  + (Descriptors of the major 'regions' of the seas.)
  • Traits:GameteType  + (Descriptors of the relative size of gametes)
  • Traits:FeaturesOther  + (Descriptors of types of unusual or unique types of substratum or habitat)
  • Traits:GrowthForm  + (Deterministic growth or indeterminate growth resulting in single unitary individuals or modular (colonial) organisms.)
  • Traits:Lecithotrophic  + (Development at the expense of internal resources (i.e. yolk) provided by the female (Barnes ''et al.'', 1993).)
  • Traits:DirectDevelopment  + (Development without a larval stage)
  • Traits:OntogeneticMigration  + (Different life stages migrate into different habitats, or part of habitat (e.g. copepods) (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).)
  • Traits:Medusiform  + (Disk, bell or umbrella shaped and often gelatinous (Barnes et al., 1988).)
  • Traits:LowerCircalittoral  + (Dominated by animals with no foliose algae but encrusting Rhodophycota patchy in grazed areas. The part of the circalittoral subzone on hard substrata below the maximum depth limit of foliose algae (based on Hiscock, 1985).)