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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "Water column overlying the continental shelf; surface to ca 200m depth.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Traits:Ships: accidental with ballast water, sea water systems, live wells or other deck basins  + (This refers to invasive species which exist in various life stages in ballast of a fluid nature.)
  • Traits:Plant introductions: deliberate translocation of plant species  + (This refers to plant species which are planted intentionally for some purpose resulting in the introduction of an invasive plant into a new area/region (e.g. for erosion control).)
  • Traits:Location Type  + (Three location types have been recorded to describe the native range and known introduced range of the species)
  • Traits:UpperLittoralFringe  + (Top of the littoral fringe, characterized by ''Verrucaria maura'' with ''Littorina saxatilis'' and ''Littorina neritoides'' often present. May include saltmarsh species on shale/pebbles in shelter (Hiscock, 1996).)
  • Traits:Feeding  + (Traits related to how an organism feeds, the food type and feeding method exhibited by a species)
  • Traits:EcologicalInteraction  + (Traits relating to how a species interacts with it's surrounding environment and other associated species.)
  • Traits:BodyForm  + (Traits relating to the form, shape and structure of the species)
  • Traits:ModeOfLife  + (Traits relating to the mode of life a species exhibits)
  • Traits:Movement  + (Traits relating to the movement of the species)
  • Traits:Sociability  + (Traits that describe an organism's behavioural interactions with members of the same species.)
  • Traits:Habitat  + (Traits that describe an organisms preferred habitat and its position within that habitat.)
  • Traits:Ecophysiology  + (Traits that describe an physiological and environmental tolerance of an organism)
  • Traits:ReproductiveType  + (Traits that describe how an organism reproduces or the mechanism by which reproduction is achieved.)
  • Traits:ArmsAppendages  + (Traits that describe specialized limbs or appendages used to catch or process food items.)
  • Traits:Lifehistory  + (Traits that describe the life history characteristics of an organism)
  • Traits:WaveExposure  + (Traits that describe the range of exposure to wave action in which the organism is recorded.)
  • Traits:MouthParts  + (Traits that describes specialized mouth parts)
  • Traits:Pollination  + (Transfer of male gametophyte (pollen) to the 'female' part of a flower)
  • Traits:Bivoltine  + (Two generations per year (Barnes ''et al.'', 2006).)
  • Traits:CircalittoralOffshore  + (Typically occurs below 50-70 metres away from the influence of wave action. Aphotic with animal communities in stable or stenothermal and stenohaline conditions. Open sea (Connor et al., 1997).)
  • Traits:Pathway/vector Unknown  + (Unknown mechanisms of introduction were represented by a blank cell.)
  • Traits:Robust  + (Unlikely to be damaged as a result of physical impacts, e.g. hard or tough enough to withstand impact, or leathery or wiry enough to resist impact.)
  • Traits:Bysso-Pelagic  + (Use of a length of byssus thread (e.g. micro-molluscs, juvenile molluscs) or mucus (e.g ''Nemertesia'' planulae) to be carried by water flow)
  • Traits:BallooningKiting  + (Use of a length of silk to be carried by the wind (e.g. spiders))
  • Traits:GraspingPaws  + (Vertebrate hands, feat, paws etc designed to grasp food items using claws, talons etc.)
  • Traits:Neritic  + (Water column overlying the continental shelf; surface to ca 200m depth.)