Coastal morphology

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Definition of Coastal morphology:
The (study of the) shape and structure of coastal systems or subsystems. For example: the morphology of a delta, the morphology of an estuary, the morphology of a beach, the morphology of a bedform.
This is the common definition for Coastal morphology, other definitions can be discussed in the article

The meaning of the Greek word "morphè" is form or shape. Coastal Wiki articles dealing with aspects of coastal morphology are listed below.

Morphology of sedimentary open sea coasts

Characteristics of sedimentary shores
Classification of sandy coastlines
Shoreface profile
Nearshore sandbars
Stability models
Rhythmic shoreline features
Beach Cusps
Sand ridges in shelf seas
Active coastal zone
Closure depth
Swash zone dynamics
Gravel Beaches
Embayed beaches
Dune development
Process-based morphological models
Behaviour-based models
Littoral drift and shoreline modelling

Morphology of deltas and estuaries

Morphology of estuaries
Tidal asymmetry and tidal basin morphodynamics
Wave-dominated river deltas
Estuarine morphological modelling
Physical processes and morphology of synchronous estuaries
Coastal lagoon
Salt marshes
Dynamics, threats and management of salt marshes
Siltation in harbors and fairways

Morphology of rocky coasts

Rocky shore morphology
Coral reefs